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The Nebraska American  Legion Auxiliary  appreciates your support of the Calendar Lottery Fundraisers we have held since 2015.

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New Officers were elected at the 96th Annual Department Convention.

Our 2016-2017 President is DEBRA ALBERS

        Picture of ALL 2016-2017 Officers below



  Debra Albers of Davenport 

2016 - 2017 Theme - A Slice with a Price

“Every thought is a seed.  If you plant crab apples don’t count on harvesting Golden Delicious.” - Bill Meyer.  (No relation to Barb Meyer)


It is my honor and privilege to serve you as your Department President for 2016-17.


My theme is “Slice with a Price.” If you slice an Apple crosswise, you will find a Star in that Apple. My  symbol is an Apple with a crosswise slice of an apple with that star leaning on it.   Freedom is not for free, and we in the American Legion Auxiliary understand the Price paid to maintain that Freedom.  We in the USA enjoy our own “slice” of the “Good Life” thanks to a Veteran and that is something we can never forget. 


The Apple: a simple symbol.  It can represent Good Health, Education, American Values and Technology; but today it represents our past, present and future in the American Legion Auxiliary.

Past:  Recognizing our Veterans who are the roots of our organization: Those who have paid the “Ultimate Price,”  those who are gone but not forgotten, and  those who are with us who need our support. 

Present:  Using our trunk, branches and fruit to continue working our programs to keep this organization alive and well  today.

Future:  Planting seeds to educate youth and nurture new members. 

2016 officer

Elizabeth Paes-Jacki O'Neill-Beverly Neel-Debra Albers-Kathy Mazur-Barbara Washburn