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2016 WINNER of $1,000 goes to  SCOTT HASEMAN - WAYNE

Welcome to Department of Nebraska

Message from the President...

Auxiliary members…hang on for the ride of your life as we embark on our new year together. We have many things to accomplish this year and I know all of you are up to the challenge.

First of all, thank you for giving me the honor of serving as your Department President for 2015-2016. My theme is "Always Remember" and my symbol is a patriotic heart tied with a yellow ribbon. Throughout this coming year, I ask all members to remember the following things:

   Always Remember our Veterans and military and the many sacrifices they have given to provide for our freedom

   Always Remember the special privilege you have to belong to the American Legion Auxiliary

   Always Remember that every member can help with Unit membership; be prepared with application blanks and At-A-Glance brochures

   Always Remember that this organization is not "my" unit or "my" program. We are in this together to work as a team

   Always Remember to be a good mentor and a good friend. When new members join, teach them our programs, work beside them and encourage them. When members have personal challenges, listen to them and help

I have several projects for this next year: 1) Continue raising funds for our Department scholarships; 2) Raise funds for the Auxiliary Emergency Fund; 3) Raise funds to support the Lincoln VA Homeless Outreach. Please donate to any of these that your Unit chooses to support as all three would benefit.  

I am so very proud of the work that everyone in the Department of Nebraska does for our Veterans and for membership this past year. I personally know it isn't easy to find new members or collect renewals, but our Veterans didn't have it easy either. We have an outstanding membership team who are glad to help you with new ideas and listen to your concerns. We may not be able to solve everything, but we do want to listen to what you have to say. Nothing saddens me more than when I receive an email or phone call from a Unit saying they just can't go on and want to dissolve. If our organization no longer exists, who will be here to ensure that our Veterans and military are cared for in the future? We must continue to work together as a family to find ways to make the American Legion Auxiliary an organization that women want to join and remain as members. 

In closing, I would ask each of you to visit a Veterans facility during this next year and find a way that you can personally volunteer some of your time or talents. Whether stuffing envelopes, pushing a wheel chair, doing sewing projects or making tray favors and centerpieces -- our Veterans need us to be there for them as they were for us. Once your heart is touched by a visit to one of these facilities, I hope it will help you to Always Remember why your membership in our organization is such a great privilege. 

In Service to God and Country,

Barbara Washburn 2015-2016 Department President

The History of Nebraska ALA

tidbits OF nebraska ala


Nebraska American Legion Auxiliary

  • We are one of 52 departments (states) that make up the National American Legion Auxiliary organization.  This organization is     known as the largest women's Veterans volunteer services.   
  • We are here to offer services to our Veterans, our children and our communities.
  • Department of NEBRASKA ALA is divided into sections: There is one Department and 13 Districts and many counties
  • Going into the 2015-2016 year Nebraska has 328 active units.
  • District one covers 6 counties with 13 units
  • District two covers 8 counties with 37 units
  • District three covers 7 counties with 26 units
  • District four covers 7 counties with 16 units
  • District five covers 9 counties with 21 units
  • District six covers 13 counties with 42 units
  • District seven covers 6 counties with 34 units
  • District eight covers 3 counties with 17 units
  • District nine covers 8 counties with 19 units
  • District ten covers 8 counties with 30 units
  • District eleven covers 6 counties with 35 units
  • District twelve covers 4 counties with 24 units
  • District thirteen covers 4 counties with 14 units
  • Each level has its own Constitution and Bylaws which are their governing documents
  • Department, district, county and unit have their own elected officers
  • The Units are the go to division when applying for scholarships and Girls State delegate
  • Units are also our direct communication to our schools for contest that school children can compete in.
  •  Each level - higher than unit- holds one or more conventions each year
  • The Department holds a mid-year conference in January that is not only educational but a fun event!
  • In June the department convention is held.
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